Whether a Car Accident, Court Case, or Helping To Prove Someone's Whereabouts
   Now Thanks To " i Witness USA" You Can Get PAID for Being Someone's Witness!
                                           FROM $100.00 up to $100,000.00
   [1] Ever wish you could produce an "Eye Witness" to your whereabouts for a jealous Lover or Spouse?

             [2] Or how about an "Eye Witness" to a car accident for your Insurance Company or Court Case?

   The law places great credit upon Eye Witness testimony in all courts across the country: Federal, State, County, etc. and in today's society SOMEONE ALWAYS SEE SOMETHING... so why not offer a Reward and get Eye Witnesses to come forward?

                                                                       $                   $                  $
   All you would have to do is provide details of the incident [Date, Time, Place, etc] to help jog people memory and sit back and await for an Eye Witness to check this site and agree to be your i-Witness.

          a) Once you speak with your i-witness and if they sound credible... Simply set-up a meet time and once the job is complete pay him or her in Cash or by Postal Money Order. Done! You prove your word or case and everyone is happy!

   NOTE: Use Caution When Meeting Strangers. Never Meet At A Residence or Take A Stranger To Someone Residence!
                Always Meet In A Public Place! ... Restaurants, Parks, Courtrooms, Atorney's Office.


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Remember to give as much details as possible for any possible i-Witness. Your Posting Will Remain On Site For 7-Days.
You Will Be Invoiced 25% Of Reward Amount Offered Prior Posting. Please allow 24-hours after payment before Posting Will Become Visible.  Thank You!

Birmingham, 1/1/2019 at 7:30pm... A black Chevy Tahoe crashed into my red Ferrari on Whatever Street Name and hit me on the passenger side.
i-Witness REWARD OFFERED: $5,000.00
I need witness for court. Please contact Rob at (888) 123-4567 or by email at:
Rob @gmail.com
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